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Social Entrepreneurship happens everywhere. Around the world, people are creating businesses, designing products, building infrastructure, investing in needy communities, creating ethos-inspired fashion to drive real impact on real lives. Inside Travel, we traipse the world to bring you stories exploring indigenous innovations, cultural nuances and everything we find interesting and raises the bar of our imagination on how change can happen through the marketplace.

Throughout 2015, JLee and I will be catching flights all over the world. A lot of planning is still taking place, but so far on the itinerary we have: South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, India, Thailand, Indonesia in our sights. You’ll also find stories coming in from old routes that we haven’t had a chance to reflect on yet in Nepal, Myanmar, Cambodia, and a smattering across Central and Western Europe. Keep checking back on our “Current Destination” link to see where we’re at, we invite you to join us on our journey to capture the impact and inspirations of social entrepreneurs throughout the world.

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Social entrepreneur with international expertise building rapid scale-up businesses in startup, NGO & Fortune 500 settings. Believes that people, work, fun, winning and societal impact all go hand-in-hand without compromise. Passionately committed to proving that businesses can achieve exponential market success by driving authentic social impact.

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