feebee art

Art, creativity, me – Fashion becomes persona or persona becomes fashion.

At LeeAndLo, we celebrate style through the self-expression of issues we care about.

Local and indigenous artists. Using the sophistication of glamour to bridge resources to those hidden in the shadows of poverty. Eco-conscious materials, sustainably harvested and create sustainable livelihoods. Responsible supply chains that increase quality of product and uplift quality of life for its workers.

From the catwalks of Milan to the fields of Ghana – beautiful, fresh and authentic.



Shokay – From Yak to Yarn to You - Within the Tianzifang arts district of Shanghai is a little shop called SHOKAY. SHOKAY is a luxury boutique and social enterprise specializing in yak cashmere fashion to bring economic growth to traditional herding communities in Tibet and Western China through design, supply chain and education...
The Socialite of Socient Life - A few years ago, I met Bonita Lim, head of Brown Rice Designs and the inspiration behind the NuoMi Shanghai label, through a friend’s introduction. Founded in 2006, NuoMi set out to help others through sustainable, eco-friendly, stylish fashion. At the time I was with TOMS Shoes, and eagerly exploring China’s teen fashion market.

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